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Owner / Operator Charges:
Load / Unload Charge
Per occurence
Stover Transportation, Inc Fuel Card
Per transaction

Owner / Operator Overview:

  • Owner / Operators must have at least two (2) years verifiable Class A CDL experience.
  • Generally, we aim for a $600/day gross for short haul Owner / Operators with weekends off.
  • If an Owner / Operator delivers a load that a Stover Transportation, Inc. driver has picked up, or picks up a load that is dropped and is delivered by a Stover Transportation, Inc. driver, we will charge $50.00
    • This is the "Load / Unload Charge" from the table above.

Pay Schedule:

  • Two week hold back on first settlement.
    • Paid every Friday (after initial hold back).
  • Pay week runs Sunday to Saturday.
  • No direct deposit - checks will be cut and mailed on Fridays.
  • Orientation lasts two (2) hours plus time for the Pre-hire drug screen (no compensation for orientation, but we pay for all verified negative drug screenings and DOT physicals).

Items / Documents Required for Orientation:

  • Copy of Bobtail / Physical Damage certificate of insurance
    • Information needed: limits, agent phone number, and expiration date of policy
    • Stover Transportation, Inc. will add driver and tractor to our Liability Insurance
  • Driver's License
  • Social Security Card
  • Copy of medical long form
    • Wallet card not necessary if your qualification shows up on your MVR
    • Verified Negative drug test (we will send you for one after orientation)
  • Check payable information (LLC, Corporation, personal name, etc.)
  • Owner / Operator's Federal ID Number
  • Owner / Operator's DOT Number
  • Copy of Bureau of Worker's Compensation certificate, when necessary
  • Current long form for annual inspection
  • Date of last PM
  • Current odometer reading
  • Copy of current tractor registration from IRP
  • Fuel card information
  • Logs from the previous seven (7) days
  • Complete the following (documents provided by Stover Transportation):
    • DOT Qualification forms and Driver-specific application
    • Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) - driver record
    • Signed lease agreement
    • W-9 (1099 Contract employees)
    • PUCO Tax Receipt
    • Display IFTA Sticker
    • Display Stover Transportation, Inc. tractor signs

Application Materials:

Download, print, complete, and return the following:

Owner operators:

Owner Operator Pay Table:

Owner Operator Pay:
Pay Type:
Tractor Only
70% of load
Tractor and own trailer
75% of load
Fuel Surcharge